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You can monitor how many people have seen your poster and with paid advertisement we can tell you how many engaged with your listing.

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What you know

  • You know advertising will cost you so much or so little money. You really do not care, you need results.
  • You know that if you do not advertise your business, you will not be taken seriously.
  • You know that procrastination and hesitation to make that decision to start now will leave you as an observer of other people's success.

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  • Feel confident about what you have started and proudly share your business to the world. Do you need some hand holding? We can help you.
  • Join a community of like-minded people where you can find inspiration and learn how to better advertise your business.
  • Join a platform that increases the chances of your poster to be noticed by people outside the circles of friends and family.

You want to make it easy for customers to find your offering and contact you.

Do this in a variety of ways

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Advertisment Message

There is an English idiom that says

a picture is worth a thousand words

surprisingly there is a Chinese idiom that also says

1001 is worth more than a picture

I would not get myself into the arguement of who is right, instead of one over the other, why not use both?

We care about the message you add to your artwork[poster], we know from experience that the amount of information you can put in a poster is very limited, it is important that everyone understands your advertisement message.

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Downloadable portable document

It is good to prepare something useful related to your product or service or event that your visitors can download and keep.

Its like standing on the sidewalk sharing handbills, in this case you don't have to feel shy or force it on visitors. If there is enough value in your offer, you are most definitely assured that the client will download your portable document, read and ultimately contact you. Contact Us if you want to add a portable document to your listing

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